about our innovative team structure

criminal law

Turnstone Law has developed an innovative structure allowing you to access the best specialist advice from a "one stop shop" law firm regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority.

How do we ensure quality? 

Your work will be led by Dr Simon Joyston-Bechal (Director), a top ranked solicitor with over 25 years' experience.  He is backed up by a team of specialist barristers selected from leading chambers, who are able to advise you as Turnstone Law team barristers.

Who will deal with you?

Your day to day contact will either be Simon Joyston-Bechal or one of the Turnstone Law team barristers, depending upon your requirements.   

Why is this better value?  

Our structure offers you a seamless service without doubling up between solicitors and barristers for legal advice and court advocacy.  

You will get top quality advice direct from experienced trial lawyers who can argue your case in any court. Our team approach gives you access to the best lawyers to take your case from start to finish, avoiding the usual hand-over from the solicitor's firm to external barristers and avoiding the delay, cost and inefficiency that is so often caused by the split between the solicitors' and barristers' professions.  

If you have ever paid a solicitor to draft a detailed set of instructions to a barrister, or sat in a meeting with solicitors and barristers wondering why you are paying for two sets of expensive lawyers, then you will appreciate the benefit  of our one stop service.  Of course, we can also instruct an external QC in the traditional way to provide a second opinion or to work together with our Turnstone Law team barrister at trial if that is appropriate for your case.  Even then, our approach avoids the duplication of you needing to pay for a junior solicitor to sit behind the barristers.

"Turnstone Law's streamlined approach cherry picks for you the best that both professions can offer to deliver an unrivaled combination of quality and value"