Our vision

'an unrivalled combination of quality and value'

So how do we achieve that?

  • Quality lawyers
  • Quality service
  • Value for money


"I am immensely proud of the group of specialist barristers that have come together to work alongside me at Turnstone Law.  Together, we represent the strongest team of specialist lawyers in the field. We give clients the direct service they expect from a solicitors' firm but what is unique is the nature of the team that is available with me to advise clients directly. Turnstone Law is truly a "one-stop-shop", with top quality lawyers delivering a top-quality service." 

"Our innovative structure allows for low overheads and efficiencies compared to the traditional law firm approach. This means we can provide a 'high end' service without charging clients a 'high end' price.  The result is an unrivalled combination of quality and value."

Dr Simon Joyston-Bechal (Solicitor)

Director, Turnstone Law